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Damned Daniel is a side scrolling, platform style game. It was created in 2017 and is available on Steam. Daniel has always been one of the most diverse and relaxed people in his school. He is drawn to the dark side of things, and he has always felt that he was the opposite of others. One day, he found himself face to face with the grim reaper. The grim reaper told him that the next two years of his life would be cursed. The grim reaper also told him that he had one chance to avoid the curse. All he had to do was to avoid the one thing that brought him here, death. Damned Daniel is a mobile game developed by Jam City Inc. and released in 2017. The game's protagonist is a boy named Daniel. The game takes place during the 18th century, in a fictional village of Hamelin. The town is cursed by a mysterious creature called the Piper.


The gameplay consists of a side scrolling world with various obstacles, and the user is able to control a boy, Daniel, who can collect coins and avoid monsters. There are three levels, all of which are completed by reaching the end of them. Damned Daniel is a game where you are Daniel and you get to play as Daniel over the course of two years. You must avoid a certain death that will curse you. The game is a puzzle game where you play to the death to avoid the curse. The game is played as a puzzle game, with different puzzles to solve. The puzzles are of three types: tile puzzles, card puzzles, and doll puzzles. There are also battles with the Piper's servants, the Klobberbeast.


The graphics are pixelated and the protagonist is a boy with a small head and a large body. The monsters are also pixelated and appear to be more square than round. There are two styles of graphics. The first style is pixelated, where everything is in a close up. The second style is when everything is in a distance.

Information about replayability

The game contains three levels, and the user is able to complete these levels by reaching the end. There are no additional levels. You can replay this game, but it will be the same as the last time.


Damned Daniel is a puzzle game where you get to play as Daniel over the course of two years. The goal is to avoid the one thing that will curse you. The puzzle style is simple but addicting. It has simple, pixelated graphics that are easy to look at.


  • The gameplay is addictive
  • The graphics are simple
  • The user can choose the difficulty of the game


  • There are no additional levels
  • The graphics are simple
  • The player will not be able to complete the game


Damned Daniel Damned Daniel
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