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Cat Goes Fishing is a point and click video game for the Nintendo DS, in which the player takes the role of Mystery Mouse, who must go on a fishing adventure to save his friend, Cat, from a giant fish. To do so, the player must use a fishing rod and catch the fish. Cat Goes Fishing is a puzzle game by Ketchapp, a French game company. In this game, you play as a cat fishing in a puddle. The cat needs to catch goldfish to earn points. In order to catch the goldfish, you must make them swim past a line of three fireflies and then catch them with your paw.


The player controls Mystery Mouse from a top-down perspective as he casts his fishing rod into the water, hoping for a bite. When the player sees a fish, he or she can quickly reel it in by pressing a button and trying to catch the fish before it escapes. There are three types of fish: orange, green, and blue. The player has to catch a specific number of each type of fish in order to progress to the next level. There are also some obstacles to watch out for, such as the water current and jellyfish. In order to play the game, you must press and hold your finger on the screen to make the fireflies emit light. The light will make goldfish swim past them. When you see a goldfish, you must tap the screen to make the cat catch the fish. When you have collected three fish, the cat will become a fish magnet, and more goldfish will swim past the fireflies.


The graphics are extremely cartoony, with a few added details such as the jellyfish. The colors are bright, and there isn't much variety of scenery. The graphics in Cat Goes Fishing are simple but colorful. The cat is an orange and white cat, and the fireflies are green. The goldfish are gold and orange, and the backgrounds are blue and green.


The game can be replayed when the player wants to play it over again. The game is replayable, and can be played again and again.


Cat Goes Fishing is an app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. It is a puzzle game like its video game counterpart, but it is a lot simpler than the game. It is a lot like Candy Crush in this aspect.


  • A fishing game on a gaming console without any fear of being outside
  • Allows children to play the game without any help from an adult
  • Allows children to think about how to catch a fish and work with it
  • Allows children to work on their reflexes in a fun way
  • Allows children to work on their coordination
  • Allows children to work on their decision-making skills
  • Allows children to work on their ability to follow directions


  • The game is short, with 3 levels
  • The game is easy, even for adults
  • The gameplay is too fast-paced for children to be able to think about what to do next
  • The game is too easy for children to enjoy
  • The instructions are hard to understand for children


Cat Goes Fishing Cat Goes Fishing
Cat Goes Fishing
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