YouTube Will Offer Co-Streaming Feature Soon

  • 07-11-2022 |
  • Isabella Clark

The “Go Live Together” feature is already available to selected users. Now the developers are working on expanding its capabilities and offering a new option to invite guests to more streamers.

If your channel has 50 or more viewers, a new tool becomes available to you. You can invite an expert to your stream to discuss burning issues or conduct surveys and interviews. For now, this feature will only be available on mobile phones, according to the company; whether it is planned to add it to the desktop version of the platform is not yet clear.

However, you can schedule a joint stream with your guests from a computer; that is, prepare in advance. You can give your video a title, add a description, choose privacy and age restrictions, and invite guests. Only one invited co-host can be on the screen simultaneously, but you can switch between your guests during the stream. You need to send a connection link to the right people through the settings. After clicking on it, they will go to the “waiting room,” from which you can add them one by one to your performance.

To monetize this kind of content, you can insert ads both in the middle of a video and at the beginning or end. The income from the joint stream only goes to the main host’s account. Also, the recording of this broadcast will be posted only in the administrator account. The developers have already assured users that they understand the importance of posting videos in guest channels and promised to work on this detail.

Recall that Instagram, Twitch, and TikTok have similar tools, and they have more guest slots that can appear at the same time. So YouTube will have to hurry up with boosting this feature. How do you like the idea of ​​guests? If you are a streamer, please share your thoughts on this tool!