Lost Soul Aside Rated in China, Launch News Potentially Coming Within 3 Months

  • 26-04-2024 |
  • Isabella Clark

The much-anticipated action RPG Lost Soul Aside, which draws inspiration from Devil May Cry and Final Fantasy, seems to be nearing its release date. The official Twitter page for the game, developed by UltiZero Games, recently announced that it has received the necessary ratings and approval for its launch in mainland China. This was followed by comments from Daniel Ahmad, a well-known industry analyst at Niko Partners, who suggested that this approval signals a potential release announcement coming relatively soon, possibly within the next few months.

Updates on Lost Soul Aside have been sparse. Earlier in the month, the game's producer, Yang Bing, mentioned that more information would be shared in the future. This comment followed a gameplay reveal last July where more than 20 minutes of gameplay featuring the game’s dynamic combat and boss fights was shown off.

The game is currently being developed for the PS5 and PC platforms. With the approval now in place for the Chinese market, fans can expect an official release date announcement imminently.