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Among Us is a 2018, online multi-player social deduction game. The game was released on iOS and Android devices in June 2018 and on Windows in November 2018, featuring cross-platform play between these platforms. The game was also ported for the Nintendo Switch in December 2020, and has planned releases for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in 2021.

Among Us is a 2018 online multiplayer game based on the popular party game Mafia, and was inspired by the science fiction horror film The Thing. It takes place in a space-themed setting in which players take on the role of either a Crewmate or an Impostor, with Crewmates trying to identify the Impostors and complete tasks around the map, while the Impostors try to sabotage and kill the Crewmates. The game received an influx of popularity in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The game takes place in a space-themed setting, in which players each take on one of two roles, most being Crewmates, and a predetermined number being Impostors. The Crewmates’ goal is to identify the Impostors, eliminate them, and complete tasks around the map. The Impostors’ goal is to covertly sabotage and kill the Crewmates before they complete all of their tasks. Players suspected to be Impostors may be eliminated via a plurality vote, which any player may initiate by calling an emergency meeting (except during a crisis) or reporting a dead body.

Crewmates win if all Impostors are ejected or all tasks are completed, whereas Impostors win if there is an equal number of Impostors and Crewmates, or if a critical sabotage goes unresolved. Gameplay consists of two parts, Teamwork and Betrayal, and takes place in rounds. Each round has a predetermined number of players, with the most being Crewmates and the least being Impostors. The Crewmates are split into teams of two and assigned tasks, such as collecting supplies, installing equipment, etc. The Impostors all work together to sabotage the Crewmates, assassinate the Captain, and complete sabotages around the map. If the Crewmates complete all of their tasks, they win; if the Impostors manage to kill the Captain, the Impostors win.


The graphics are based on a space theme and the overall design is generally good. They are not perfect, but they do a good job of creating a sense of tension. The graphics are mainly simplistic, with simple shapes and colors. The maps are all space-themed and the art in the game is generally minimalistic. The character figures are designed to be round and symbolize a sense of unity among the Crewmates.


The game is a one-time play, the game has a single map with two different roles (Crewmates and Impostors). The game is mostly due to the fact that players are assigned a random role at the start of the game, making the gameplay every time a different experience. The game does not have any sort of campaign mode, but players can play the maps with different characters or with different maps.


The game is a one-time play with a space-themed setting in which players must use teamwork to win, but instead of being assigned randomly, players must choose who they want to play with. The game is mainly designed to be played in short bursts, in between other games or while waiting for friends. The game is free to play and available on iOS, Android, Windows, PS4 and Xbox or X/S.


  • The game is easy to understand and play
  • The game is turn-based, meaning that it is not real time and players can take their time to think about their next move
  • The game is designed for short-time play, meaning that players can play in between other games or while waiting for someone to arrive
  • The game has null social pressure, meaning that players can play as many times as they want without feeling like they are being judged
  • The game is designed to have a sense of unity and family
  • The game can be played across multiple platforms
  • The game is free to play


  • The game is not visually appealing
  • The game is not a narrative-driven game
  • The game has repetitive gameplay
  • The game does not have a campaign mode
  • The game has technical issues


Among Us Among Us Among Us Among Us
Among Us
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